Flags of the planet. US - East Coast.

Today we will focus on the East Coast of the US. From here began the colonization of North America in the early XVII century. It is here were the main theaters of military operations during the war under the flag of freedom for independence from England during the Civil War between North and South. East Coast - it is the heart of America. Philadelphia (the former capital of the USA), New York, Boston, Baltimore, Washington. This is history! And the story is instructive in many respects. One episode - why Philadelphia has ceased to be the capital? (By the way - the famous cruiser “Varyag”, which is developed on a flagpole flag of St. Andrew, was founded and built it in Philadelphia). A story like that. In 1783, veterans of the war of independence demanded that Congress payday for the period of the war. Having been refused. Mutiny. Congress required the governor of Pennsylvania (the name of the State in which Philadelphia is located) to crush the rebellion. He refused. Congress was forced to flee. After that, it was decided to establish a new capital on the land is not part of any one state. This land was bought just at the junction of three states. So Washington was laid - the current capital. Not to be confused with the state of Washington, located on the West Coast, it is called Washington DC (District of Columbia) or colloquially simply DiSi. It is noteworthy that for a long time residents of the District of Columbia had no right to vote, because it is lived in the capital.

Paradoxes: 1783 in the United States - a victory in the war for independence, and in the Ukraine in 1783 introduced serfdom on the left bank of the Dnieper. These are the different destinies.

To be continued. Source: flagshtock.com.ua

14 May 2016

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