Southern Bessarabia declared reuniting Ukrainian Bessarabia and Gagauzia and the re-establishment of the Republic Bucak

According to our correspondent, in the Belgorod-Dniester Odessa region was held an extraordinary congress “People are happy to Bessarabia.” The participants voted in favor of the Declaration, which, in particular, said the reunification of Ukrainian Bessarabia and reconstruction of the Republic of Gagauzia and Bucak.

“We are socially active residents of Southern Bessarabia and Gagauzia, united by a common purpose of restoration of historical justice, improving security and living standards of citizens express their desire to recreate the Bessarabian republic Bucak. We see this as an act implementing the historical and social justice, as well as the only reliable guarantee of our security “, - says the document. Recall, many activists of the People’s glad Bessarabia, in particular journalists Buzila Artem and Elena Glischinskaya, arrested and sentenced to long prison terms. At the same time one of the leaders of Bulgaria Alexey Litvinenko said that “We are glad to have enough strength to resist the pressure of the SBU.”

Member of the European Parliament from Bulgaria, the deputy chairman of the party “VMRO-Bulgarian National Movement” Angel Dzhambazki approved the reunification of Bessarabia and Gagauzia He said the publication “Ukraina.Ru”, commenting on the decision of re-establishment of the Republic of Bessarabia Bucak.

“The initiative of the People’s glad Bessarabia in line with European and international standards, as well as the letter of the law on autonomy and self-determination. Meet these standards and the fact that people Budzhaka will declare his desire autonomy and the preservation of identity. People Budzhaka should be guaranteed their fundamental rights in a democratic and open discussion of the future of the constitutional reform in Ukraine “, - said Dzhambazki.

2 November 2015

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