The IMF took the Ukrainian debt to Russia for the obligations of the official sector

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) considers Ukraine’s debt[/t:[t:tag slug=zadolzhennost]debt to Russia amounting to $ 3 billion of official obligations, and not the private sector, deputy press secretary of the Department for External Relations Foundation, William Murray.

“Eurobonds for $ 3 billion belong to the National Welfare Fund of the Russian Federation (NWF). This - the official debt” - he said, responding to a question at a traditional briefing at the IMF headquarters in Washington on Thursday.

At the same time, according to Murray, the restructuring of these obligations, as well as other sovereign and government-guaranteed loans will be carried out following consultation with the authorities of Ukraine to its creditors.

“The competence of the Ukraine and its creditors - to determine what amount of liabilities will be restructured and how much funding will be able to save due to operations with debt,” - he explained.

As reported, the IMF Board of Directors on March 11 approved the granting Ukraine, about $ 17.5 billion in the framework of the EFF. The new program involves a broad bilateral and multilateral support from other creditors, including the holders of sovereign loans, which Ukrainian government intends to undertake consultations to improve the medium-term debt sustainability and looks forward to thus reduce payments on public and publicly guaranteed debt by $ 15 billion.

In turn, Russian Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak, drew attention to the fact that the program of the IMF Extended Fund of Ukraine provides for the participation in the restructuring of the private sector, whereas the commitments to Russia for $ 3 billion, according to him, are the official loan.

This week, the newspaper Financial Times, referring to the opinion of experts on credit markets, wrote that the forecasts and estimates underlying the package of financial assistance from the IMF Ukraine does not provide for the repayment of debt to Russia in the amount of $ 3 billion, which should be returned before the end of the year

23 June 2015

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