Canadian military instructors will stay in Ukraine until the end of March 2017. Exact terms of the deployment of Canadian troops in the Ukraine and the place of his dislocation is not specified

Canadian military instructors who will soon go to Ukraine, will stay there until March 31, 2017. This was stated by the Prime Minister of Canada, during a telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

Prime Minister Harper reiterated that Canada will continue to provide various kinds of assistance Ukraine “, - stated in the press service of the Canadian government.

In particular, the Canadian leader said that Ukraine will be sent about 200 military personnel who will carry out the preparation of the Ukrainian army. Exact terms of the deployment of Canadian troops in the Ukraine and the place of his dislocation is not specified.

Moreover, Harper and Poroshenko expressed confidence that “in connection with violations of the agreements Russia Minsk against it should continue to apply economic sanctions.”

20 June 2015

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