Privatbank needs 9 billion UAH refinancing

Privat” needs about 9 billion USD refinancing. About this RBC-Ukraine reported a spokesman for Bank Oleg Serga.

He also said that the NBU issued to refinance “Privatbank” about 3 billion USD, which is only one-third of the required amount of refinancing.

“For example, state-owned banks were granted most of refinancing, and those banks that are solvent and able to cover the outflow of deposits at the expense of its capital and shareholders’ money, were given less. You understand, do not need the money to the bank, without the banks will not be able to lend legal entities , stop the economy, the business, “- said Sergey.

However, he said the decision to recapitalize should take the NBU and the government, if it wants banks to continue to lend to businesses.

Press Secretary also denied the information that appeared in the media about the fact that Igor Kolomoisky asset stripping “Privat” abroad.
“Privat” can not and did not intend to withdraw their assets abroad. This information is not even the practice of the banks, those who invented it, never faced with the banks “, - said Sergey.

Serga noted that such publications emerge each year and is the result of unfair competition from, mainly from Russian banks. However, he denies that this information is a manifestation of strained relations between the owner “Privat” Igor Kolomoisky and the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

He noted that the volume of currency hryvnia loans to legal entities increased compared to the previous year by 2.5 times due to the growth of the dollar. Growth in the volume of foreign currency loans is observed in all Ukrainian banks.

Recall that in February, the NBU has issued “Privatbank” stabilization loan to 2.28 billion USD. Later, the NBU has issued “Privatbank” another stabilization loan of 700 million USD.

In mid-March, it was reported that “Privatbank” plans to increase the authorized capital.

26 March 2015

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