Drunken Adventure “Right Sector” blow up everything

Ukrainian law enforcers do not give themselves “bored” while in the Donbass somehow observed a truce. The network has a video in which the men of the “right sector” on the territory under their control blowing water towers. Blow up just for the sake of entertainment. Men in uniform in the video say that these towers symbolize the DNI and the LC, which they hate so much.

Earlier, the “right quadrant” attacked protesters residents Kostiantynivka, the streets were heard gunfire. People began to protest after a drunk driver in Mechanical BMD lost control and drove onto the sidewalk, where at this moment is a woman with two children. All of them were under the tracks. A girl of eight years died on the spot.

“Right sector” - the union of radical nationalist organizations in Ukraine. The movement to unite disparate extremist groups who participated in one of the first protests Euromaidan in November 2013. The main political goal of the movement - the construction of the national Ukrainian state and national revolution. In November 2014, the Supreme Court of Russia declared Ukrainian organization “Right sector” and the UNA-UNSO extremist and banned their activities on the territory of the Russian Federation.

17 March 2015

“Today, the APU running out of ammunition to all, without exception, artillery systems and multiple launch rocket systems. Fighting nothing” - Igor Korotchenko
Lavrov: Kiev committed a flagrant violation of the very first steps of the political part of the Minsk package. Moscow called on Berlin and Paris to arrange a joint demarche

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Ukrainian nationalists should not take individual positions in the state, and all, said one of the leaders of the "Right Sector" Andrei Tarasenko.
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Radical nationalist movement "Right sector" initiates a tribunal "Heavenly hundred" (so called in Ukraine killed during "Evromaydana" - approx.
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The Europeans, who believe that there is democracy in Ukraine and almost no right-wing.
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The extremist organization "Right Sector" announced the mobilization in connection with the aggravation of the military conflict in the Donbass, said the 7th battalion of separate AQL SS.
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"Right Sector" published the video, as the activists seize the newspaper "Vesti" in Kiev.