In the Carpathians 100-year-old grandmother has mastered Skype (VIDEO)

00-year-old resident of the village Negovtsy in Ivano-Frankivsk region Magdalena Shpuk 100 years shows an example of how to think positively, and even look. Until recently, it is even in the vegetable garden was busy and now tells the villagers what Skype. I told the people that speaks to his daughter, who now lives in Canada on such a TV. Some are far from progress, at first thought that my grandmother had slipped his mind, according to a story channel ICTV.

Communicate Magdalene Shpuk loves. Now she is looking forward to warming. Then talk to the villagers and village council perhaps. There are no restrictions in eating a woman does not. But do not consume alcohol.

His grandmother good neighbors negovtsy love. They say that perhaps this is the secret of longevity - Mrs. Magda was always friendly and avoid quarrels.

“Who does not look at her face, it is impossible to say that our women are already 100 years old. All can say about 70-80, not more. So that the state maintain its excellent health,” - says the chairman of the rural Negovtsov Bogdan Vagilevich.

Long life to God not only gave a woman Magda. Her brother died at the age of 100. A sister, who now lives in Canada, only 10 years younger than 100 years yubilyarshi. Magdalena Shpuk never been in the hospital, treated with prayer and herbs. And all the sick moves on his feet.

Now my grandmother is almost released from the hands of the seventh great-granddaughter, granddaughter, which gave birth on the day of ultra-long-liver. Grandma helps look after malyshni. He says he still will not give her in marriage, until then, and will to live. And for people to lift the mood.

19 March 2012

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