In Libya, still working and Ukrainian doctors

From the words of Foreign Ministry press secretary of Ukraine Oleg Voloshin, Benghazi voluntarily stay and continue to provide medical care to the population 5 Ukrainian doctors. At the same time, according to unconfirmed reports in the cities, who captured the insurgents, Ukrainian doctors are forced to work “for the benefit of the revolution” at gunpoint around the clock.

21 March 2011

“Homo Sapience … Earth doubt.” Ukrainian musicians want to change the world.
Ukraine is looking for its place in the world economy

• The situation in Debaltseve bothered Ban »»»
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has welcomed the entry into force of the ceasefire in the east of Ukraine and urged the parties to respect the truce.
• In Kiev, he admitted that the diplomats can not buy ties »»»
The economic crisis has hit the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine.
• Tymoshenko refused to survey the international council of doctors »»»
Former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko refused to participate in a survey by experts and doctors MOH National Prison Service of Ukraine.
• In Kiev, the doctor had brought from the hospital, 5 patients, and threw them in the cemetery under Vyshgorod »»»
In the morning a woman died from hypothermia. 29-year-old doctor promised five persons without a defined place of residence.
• Natsgvardiya unlocked Lugansk airport and entered the Donetsk »»»
Unblocked airport "Lugansk" and went to the airport "Donetsk". Natsgvardiya with artillery support APU blocked an important transport hub of Donbass.