Exit polls: The results of the vote in local elections in Ukraine - Summary

According to exit poll conducted by Research & Branding Group, the elections in the Donetsk City Council Party of Regions receives 60.7%. This is followed by the Communist Party (7,2%), “Strong Ukraine (5,6%),” Fatherland “(4,1%),” Front zmin “(4%). Other parties gained less than 3%.

In Luhansk city council Regions Party is gaining 45.2%, Communist Party (24%), “Strong Ukraine (5%),” Front zmin “(5%).

Odessa City Council: The Party of Regions - 29.2%, “Front zmin - 16%, the party” Rodina “- 14,1%, Strong Ukraine - 10%,” Fatherland “- 5,4%, the Communist Party - 3,4 %.

Lviv city council: VO “Svoboda” - 34%, “Front for Change” - 11%, Party of Regions - 7,4%, Our Ukraine - 6,2%, Republican Christian Party - 5,3%, “Blow” - 4% Time - 4%, People’s Movement of Ukraine - 3,5%.

Ivano-Frankivsk: “Freedom” - 31,3%, “Front for Change” - 13,6%, “Fatherland” - 11,2%, Party of Regions - 7%, the “third force” - 6,7%, Our Ukraine - 4,2%, “Blow” - about 4%.

Ternopil city council: “Freedom” - 32,1%, the Party of Regions - 8,6%, “Front zmin - 8%, Our Ukraine - 7,4%,” Ukraine “- 5,1%. 4% gain Ukrainian People’s Party and the party “Fatherland”.

1 November 2010

Ukrainian students have prepared a calendar for Yanukovych
Yanukovych signed a decree on celebrating the 20 th anniversary of Ukrainian independence in 2011. [From Russia?]

• "Freedom" is preparing to hold a march in downtown Odessa »»»
May 21 Odessa regional organization in the “Freedom” plans to hold a march through the main streets of Odessa.
• Turnout will determine the election results in Ukraine. Data on turnout and voting "at home" »»»
As said in its forecast of IDT, the turnout will determine the outcome of the elections in Ukraine in the second ture.
• Ukrainian nationalists in the eyes of veterans in Lviv stamped on the red flag »»»
Lviv clashed during a protest members of the Ukrainian nationalist party “Freedom” Oleg Tyagniboka that on May 9 near the Hill of Glory publicly trampled the red flags, taken from the veterans.
• In Lviv, Ternopil and arrested members of the nationalist Freedom Party, triggering riots on May 9 »»»
In Lviv, Ternopil and arrests made by deputies of the nationalist Freedom Party, provoked the riots of May 9.
• Lviv city council has banned the use of symbolism in the USSR and the CPSU, and the ban Nazi symbols deputies refused. »»»
This decision has voted 71 deputies, “Interfax”. Decision was taken “in connection with the ability to spread in Lviv, a non-existent symbols of a totalitarian state.