In Kiev, the deli owner for four years held in the basement of the four slaves, feeding them food for cats

Their duties include packing flour, sugar and buckwheat. Slaves were kept in sealed door, and fed through a special hatch … cat food
During the inspection of food stores in the capital last Monday, staff of veterinary police discovered an illegal shop. Someone from merchants blabbed operatives, in the basement under the grocer on the street Malyshko several years languishing are the real slaves. They packed the flour, sugar, collect strollers, cook the glue. But their … almost nobody has ever seen. Doors tightly welded to the basement, and food to prisoners allegedly served through a hatch.
“The headmistress housing department said that a couple of years ago, saw several men in the basement. They were dirty, thin and do some work”

21 October 2010

Ukrainian conscripts paying bribes to join the army
Ukraine no longer wants to supply weapons to Georgia

• Kiev year fed cheese from the radioactive milk from cows suffering from leukemia »»»
In the capital’s supermarkets sold cheese, made by Chernobyl, from the milk of cows suffering from leukemia.
• In Ukraine, the students suggested that the New Year discounts on beer and cigarettes »»»
In Simferopol, the owner opened the store came up with
• Ukraine, War, the Europeans do not want to face ("Le Temps", Switzerland) »»»
Because of the fighting, nearly 2 million people have been forced to leave their homes and go to other regions of Ukraine and neighboring countries.
• Steel doors: maintenance »»»
In the operation of a steel door is important to maintain its functionality.
• In the basement of the Odessa Administration found 55 000 medals, which was not awarded the Soldiers »»»
In the basement of the Odessa regional administration accidentally discovered 55,000 medals “50 Years of Victory in Great Patriotic War”, which was not awarded the front.