The representative called Constantinople treatment Rada “bold step”

MOSCOW, June 25 - RIA Novosti. An influential priest of Constantinople (Ecumenical) Patriarchate Alexandros Karlutsos called “bold step” treatment of Ukrainian Rada deputies to the Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew requesting autocephaly of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine, said the website of the Union of Orthodox Journalists, published on Saturday a video interview with the priest in the English language.

“I believe that it was audacious, even too daring move on their part,” - said Karlutsos. According to him, Ukrainian politicians should not touch the question of the recognition of the autocephaly of the Church.

Being American cleric Archdiocese, which is part of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, the Alexandros Karlutsos is one of the most influential priests, close to Patriarch Bartholomew.

He confirmed that the Patriarch Bartholomew leaves the matter in the conduct of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill. “As you know, the Ecumenical Patriarch Kirill Patriarch recognizes only the spiritual head of the whole of Russia, which means, of course, and Ukraine,” said Karlutsos.Etu position on the site of the Union of Orthodox Journalists also supported by the representative of the Polish Orthodox Church, Archbishop of Lublin and Chelm Abel. “No one in this question does not have to intervene, because the politicians have intervened in the matter, made a lot of problems, and even when the other church start to interfere with, the problems multiplied”, - said the archbishop. He recalled that “the problem of Ukraine - it is an internal issue of the Russian Orthodox Church.”

25 June 2016

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