The former head of the General Prosecutor’s Office “Svoboda” Mahnitskogo … waiting Belgian court

Furthermore, the junta has fed the population of Ukraine tales that former criminals will be punished and Europe to help them in this.

Today, almost all the figures of the era Yanukovych Europe charges were dropped and the time has come … the plotters to hide from the European justice. Because European law on perjury is a crime. So far, only perjury …
Recently, a Belgian court set the date for the court hearing, which has great importance for Ukraine, and which may become a precedent for the future.
June 17 at the Belgian Palace of Justice at the request of the Royal Belgian prosecutor at the request of the former first deputy head of the AP Andrei Portnov held a hearing.
Former heads of the General Prosecutor of Ukraine Oleg and Alexei Mahnitskogo Baganza accused of fraud and falsification of documents.
According to the international Hague Convention of 15 November 1965 the bailiff of the Belgian Justice Michael Leroy sent to the Ministry of Justice requirement of serving summonses and Mahnitskomu Baganza and liabilities to arrive at the court.

Portnov himself in connection with the announced fee for the designation of the place of stay of these subjects, with the aim of presenting them … subpoenas (what a familiar picture of Ukraine):
“In connection with the avoidance of these individuals from receiving subpoenas, to provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine in fulfilling the requirements for the participation of the bailiff of the said persons in the court session June 17, 2015, announcing a reward of one thousand hryvnia for each of the information on the actual location of Oleg Mahnitskogo and Alexei Baganza to present their agendas Belgian court. ”
If a year ago someone said that the former approximate Yanukovych will file a lawsuit against the junta leadership and the will … seek to bring in (yet), the Court, I would not have believed it. But now it is really very alarming signal for the active - passive accomplices of the junta.
While they may be hiding from justice in Ukraine, which including and therefore never become part of the EU.
And in a year - the other where they are hiding? After all, no one has forgotten. And do not forget.

25 May 2015

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