In Ukraine, there was a film-investigation of the events of May 2

On the anniversary of the tragedy of the Odessa on May 2, the premiere of the film about the events of the day - “May 2. Without the myths.” The painting was created by the investigationGroup 2 of May”. This is the chronology of events through the eyes of direct participants and witnesses of the bloody clashes and a fire in the House of Trade Unions.

“In this movie, you will not find versions of the events, their estimates, especially as there is no policy or propaganda - the facts, just the facts. Facts ruthless and terrible. The film is very important for the understanding of the events a year ago” - the “Group 2 of May”.

6 May 2015

At the grave of Bandera put alarm
Multinational inspection team verifiers began work on a settlement in the Donbas

• The Verkhovna Rada formed a commission to investigate gosizmeny Timoshenko with Putin »»»
Today in Parliament created a special commission of inquiry to investigate the facts of treason ex-premier Yulia Tymoshenko as a result of signing gas agreement with Vladimir Putin.
• Azarov: Kyiv is trying to hide the true extent of the tragedy. Odessa, May 2 killed 397 people »»»
The current Kiev authorities are trying to hide the true extent of the tragedy of May 2, 2014 in Odessa.
• An eyewitness of the massacre in Odessa told about what happened in Austria May 2 »»»
Activist federalization of Ukraine Sergey Marhel told at a meeting
• Ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov: "The leaders of the Maidan went to the US Embassy as a job" »»»
With the permission of the author publish excerpts from the book "Ukraine at a Crossroads.
• EU pushes Ukraine into the arms of Russia »»»
“If Ukraine does not hold out, Russia has again become an empire,” - said two years ago, one of the most consistent enemies of Russia, Zbigniew Brzezinski.