“Right Sector” took the truck c newspapers

“Right Sector” published the video, as the activists seize the newspaper “Vesti” in Kiev. According to activists, the publication disseminates false information, particularly about the events in Donbass. In a video released masked men seized the truck and moved the newspaper distributors in their cars. Then “Right Sector” passed the newspapers in the trash. “The mass circulation - 1,100 kilograms, which we received 1,100 hryvnia, which will be used to buy national-patriotic literature for children’s homes and libraries in Ukraine”, - stated in the right sector. .

1 May 2015

The leader of the “Right Sector” Yarosh demanded legalization of their troops by a special law
The anniversary of the tragedy: Odessa remembers the victims of the fire in the House of Trade Unions

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Ukrainian law enforcers do not give themselves "bored" while in the Donbass somehow observed a truce.
• British media have published photos of the special camps, where soldiers of the battalion "Azov" teach children to shoot »»»
The British newspaper Daily Mail published an article, which tells about the camp near Kiev, in which members of a neo-Nazi group "Azov" teach children from six years to use firearms.
• Children of Chernobyl, who gathered in the UK, denied a visa »»»
Border Agency Ministry of Internal Affairs of Great Britain has denied visas to children from Belarus and Ukraine.
• In the Ukrainian broadcast by Russian TV return »»»
State television has abolished the monopoly position of the Ukrainian language, and distributors to be allowed not to transfer to Ukrainian Russian-language movies and television programs.
• Ukrainian Scouts punished squats for Russian language »»»
Ukrainian Girl Scouts of the patriotic movement, “Plast” squats are punished for using the Russian language, wrote on Thursday, Ukrainian newspaper Segodnya.