New sabotage on the railway in Kharkiv

Tonight at the railway station “Base”, which is located in the city of Kharkiv resistance was another major subversive action. About three o’clock in the morning were blown up railway tracks in the Activity of them. As a result, derailed 2 cars, destroyed about five meters w / e way. Affected by this action is not.

Recall that on the night of 29 March 30 at the same station was blown up the tank with diesel fuel for Ukrainian army. Earlier in the territory of the Kharkiv region also conducted sabotage aimed at the destruction of infrastructure, in which the supply of troops Kiev junta conducting punitive operation in the Donbas.

It should be stated that the guerrilla movement in the Kharkiv region recently intensified significantly. The locals are beginning to realize that the current Ukrainian government that came to power in a coup, leading the country into chaos. Therefore, more and more sensible people in Ukraine are beginning to unite and hold protest against Kiev junta.

31 March 2015

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