Boxer Barbel supported Belenyuka and called him a “hero” - for the truth about the situation in the country

Ukrainian boxer Alexander Barbel approved the recent statements by the silver medalist of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in the Greco-Roman wrestling Jean Belenyuka, accused the authorities of the country in the inadequate funding of sport and speculation on the topic of patriotism and fighting in the Donbass.

About this he wrote in his Instagram.

“Jean Belenyuk real hero.” - Wrote Barbel.

He noted that the athlete will be criticized for his stance.

“Jean, you will be condemned, to say that you’re a traitor and all that you -. The hero, remember that you’re a great man,” - addressed to Belenyuku boxer.

Cirrus and wished him the strength to overcome the difficulties that result from the statements of the athlete.

“God will help you go through all the difficulties I once watched one gear, about the great wrestlers His name Buvaysar your site so here it is said that people do not have the power All the power of God….”, - Summed up the boxer.

Yesterday Kiev edition of “Apostrophe” published resonant ipntervyu Ukrainian Olympian, in which he stated that the concept of patriotism in the country reduced to the hatred of the Russians and the approval of the actions of the Ukrainian leadership. “Embroidery and” Glory to Ukraine. “- This is our patriotism allotment vyshivanochku shouted” Glory to Ukraine “and go that you want, then do: kill, steal, rape, now everything is possible”, - said Belenyuk.

He also said that now many athletes lack the prerequisites for the transition to the national teams of other countries. “Training conditions, the attitude of the authorities, meager funding - all this is not conducive to the development of sports and the normal life of an athlete in Ukraine”, - says Belenyuk. In addition, the athlete asked “why give Jamal apartment, and athletes - no.”

3 September 2016

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