“You must provoke and Putin!” (Kasyanov has “sister cities of Kiev” a disservice in the Netherlands)

The leader of the party Parnas Mikhail Kasyanov was the first Russian to “light up” in the election campaign on the eve of the Dutch referendum on the fate of the agreement evroassotsii Kiev - the EU.

The politician, struggled demonstrating how it supports Ukraine did not even realize that Kiev has a disservice by claiming the Dutch media about how important for Ukraine’s membership in the European Union.

Interview with Kasyanov published on Friday, Dutch newspaper AD. On journalist question on how it relates to the referendum, he said: “For Ukraine’s membership in the EU - it is a natural choice.” Asked to comment on the opinion of critics that the agreement “provokes Putin,” Parnas leader said: “You must provoke and Putin!”.

Replicas Kasyanov has said in his Facebook Ukrainian political analyst Vladimir Kornilov. He reminded a few weeks at a time European officials, Dutch and Ukrainian politicians are making every possible effort to convince citizens of the Netherlands that the initialing of the agreement on evroassotsiatsii Kiev and the EU has nothing to do with Ukraine’s membership in the European Union.

“And then came Kasyanov, and both would like to help the Kiev sister cities, but it’s awkward to get,” - he writes. Kornilov, convinced that the interview with the leader of the Parnassos will only add extra vote against the agreement that if the Dutch will not support the initialling of the agreement, Kiev will give the opportunity to sit on your favorite skate. “And then they say: look how campaigned against Russia!” - He concluded.

Recall referendum will be held in the Netherlands on 6 April. If Dutch citizens will vote against the ratification of the agreement between the EU and Kiev, the authorities of the Netherlands will have to reconsider position on Ukraine’s European integration.

19 March 2016

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