Dr. Lisa: “The number of wounded children in the Donbass does not decrease and will not diminish”

The Children’s Day Doctor Elizabeth Glinka, who returned from the Donbass with another group of wounded and sick children, said the humanitarian situation in the region

The head of the charity foundation helping children “Fair Aid” Elizaveta Glinka at the end of the week brought to Moscow 11 sick and wounded children who were brought from the blockaded Donbass in Rostov-on-Don, and from the special board NFM - the airport “Domodedovo”.

Over the past year Dr. Lisa traveled to war-torn and ravaged by the most severe humanitarian crisis Donbas more than 20 times! Alas, according to her, to date, a large-scale disaster at least: the number of wounded, sick, in need of emergency medical care of children do not become less.

Elizaveta Glinka says:

“We have brought to Moscow 141 child. More 33 baby I gave last summer to the Ukrainian side. They were orphans from Kramatorsk, from a specialized orphanage” Antoshka “- for children with lesions of the nervous system.”

“The youngest was 4 days old, the biggest - 17 years old. And the number of children is not reduced, because women give birth, and not always healthy kids. Our assistance is constantly expect between 50 and 65 years children. They need to be hospitalized for surgery or for the treatment and in the diagnosis of - establishing a correct diagnosis.

Children - and the sick and wounded. I do not recall the convoy that was not injured - when there were active hostilities, there were more, but now lack. If there is shelling, there are wounded. In each of the convoys - one or two of the child. Four blind men, one of them - as a result of injury, Ivan Voronov.

Most importantly, we need to help children - it is a corridor, because a relative truce. Gorlovka, Shirokino are fights. A huge number of children are in shelters. In the Petrovsky district, close to Marevki are fighting … ”

“Unfortunately, the number of injured children is not decreasing, and easy it is predicted that in the near future will not be reduced. Children are undermined by the mines, they sawed shells, bullets thrown into the fire … A large number of territories - mined ammunition scattered around the city, lying in the forest “……

2 June 2015

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