Notorious Ukrainian site “Peacemaker” has stopped working

Resource guide has so far refused to disclose the reasons for the decision.

Notorious Ukrainian site “Peacemaker”, published data on journalists and human rights defenders who oppose Kiev authorities, ceased to function. This was reported in the management of the site twitter account project.

Management has not yet reveal the true causes of termination of life, however, many believe that this is directly related to the activities of the well-known media expert Anatoly Sharia. The journalist also said that he was able to influence the situation by publishing personal details of the site owner - George Tukey, including addresses, phone numbers, and information about the property.

Recall the scandal surrounding the website “Peacemaker” erupted after the murder of journalist Olesya Elderberry and politics Oleg Kalashnikov, whose phone numbers and addresses appear on the resource for a few days before their death. After the tragic events Anatoly Shary in his video blog revealed details of the owners.

According to the journalist, after the publication of his address started receiving threats from the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine adviser Anton Gerashchenko. Adviser said in a telephone conversation Shariyu that law enforcement officers have evidence of financing them terrorist organizations, and soon he will be put on the international wanted list. In this case, the journalist suggested to reduce the time if he voluntarily surrender their sources in Kiev.

Despite the threats, Anatoly Shary has no plans to stop their activities. On Air LifeNews journalist said that the legend of the financing of terrorist organizations they are already falling apart literally in part because Kiev still has not presented any evidence, even falsified. By the way, on the eve Gerashchenko still revealed some details of the operation called “adjustable wrench”, but this time adviser Avakova not mentioned in the text name zhunalista.

25 April 2015

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