Kiev does not want people to know the truth about the situation in Crimea - Thierry Mariani

“The same thing happened a year ago, then they started to investigate - and this time they have launched an investigation, but the investigation … After that, everything is clear. 10 members of the French parliament last year and 11 people visited the Crimea, to see the situation? on the peninsula with his own eyes, “- said the TV channel RT Mariani, commenting on the actions of the Ukrainian authorities.

According to him, all that watched the delegation of France in the Crimea - a normal life of people who are happy to have been able to return to Russia.

“If you read the French press, you talk about” the occupied Crimea, “the” are everywhere the soldiers of the Russian army “, that” the inhabitants of the peninsula are in dismay. “But it is better to see the attitude of local people to what is happening with my own eyes. And we see the ordinary life of ordinary people, “- said the parliamentarian.

Thierry Mariani stressed that he understands why Kiev begins investigation after each visit to the Crimea by foreign delegations. “Because in reality they want, so that no one came to the peninsula. After all, if the situation was so terrible, then what would be a problem to show it to people? They would have returned and told, and an” army “and an” occupation ” . But, I repeat, what we have seen this summer - this is a common country with ordinary people and secure environment “, - he explained.

Logvinsky statement that after the intervention of the French deputies of Kiev may be deprived of the mandate, Mariani named like a joke. “Give me his address, I’ll send him to the electoral law in France, I think he did not read it,” - commented on the words of Ukrainian deputy head of the French delegation.

He added that next year is going to organize a new delegation to the Crimea with the new parliamentarians. “I know more than 20 parliamentarians, who would like to join us so that there will be a new delegation with other members of the French Parliament in the next year and I think that as a result of the attitude to what is happening in France is gradually changing..”, - Concluded Mariani.

Recall, August 31 deputies Rada Georgy Logvinsky on his Facebook page said that Ukraine has opened a criminal case against the French delegation, which is not the first time visited the Crimea.

“Only the deputies did not take into account that our response will be tough,” - wrote Logvinsky. According to him, a criminal record in Ukraine “automatically deprive the heroes of their parliamentary seats warm in France.”

2 September 2016

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