Kiev Moscow in defiance of attempts to settle the Iranian nuclear market.

Ukraine proposed to Iran to expand cooperation in nuclear energy, promising to share best “control over the experience of nuclear installations”. Experts believe that this is another not very successful challenge to Moscow, since the practical content of the promises made to date is not available, the newspaper’s view.

Kiev Moscow in defiance of attempts to settle the Iranian nuclear market

“We have a good experience and capable experts in the nuclear field, and we will share the available capacity ‘, has promised to Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister during his visit to Tehran.

According to the IRNA agency, “the parties have agreed on the participation of Ukrainian enterprises in the modernization of Iran’s energy infrastructure, and also discussed the possibility of attracting Ukrainian experts to the maintenance, upgrading and security of Bushehr nuclear power plant projects.”

“In Ukraine there are 15 reactors at four nuclear power plants and the country can share with Iran’s experience in the control of nuclear facilities.”, - Said Zubkov.

The situation was commented the Russian expert Anton Slams.

“It is fashionable to establish relations with Iran, but so far I do not see how this promise Kiev can fill. I think in Kiev today, there should be other priorities in the nuclear field, focused on its own program, because the economic situation in the country, as you know, extremely serious “, - he said.

“Ukrainians really have experience in the operation of nuclear reactors, such as those that build the Russians today - recognized expert -. They can serve turbine reactors VVR far as I know.” Turboatom “turbine still produces, theoretically, the Ukrainians could give sell the turbine. But I do not see underneath that they will be sold. where will the Russian projects, there will be Russian equipment. ”

“The Iranian market is very limited. In the foreseeable future we are talking about the construction of two more units at Bushehr and possibly two more at Darhovinskoy NPP units. Accordingly, the prospects for Kiev where I do not see, including in terms of fuel, even some materials Kiev today he buys in Russia for hundreds of millions of dollars for its nuclear fuel “, -. he said.

According cottonseed, previous experience of cooperation with Kiev in the field of nuclear energy Iran “is simply awful.”

“The fact that Ukraine is still in the reign of Leonid Kuchma agreed to participate in the completion of the Bushehr nuclear power plant in particular, the company.” Turboatom “from Kharkov was to supply the turbine, however, Ukrainians fled under US pressure from the project, -. He told the newspaper look -. This was in a situation where Washington’s influence on Kiev was much smaller than it is today. But after Ukraine refused Russia localized production of turbines for himself. ”

And here is what he said on this occasion expert Ukrainian Dmytro Marunich.

“Indeed, the security of Ukrainian nuclear power plants after the Chernobyl disaster - one of the best, this is acknowledged by Western experts Chernobyl taught Nuclear facilities we operate in strict accordance with the rules of the IAEA, but Kiev can not sell new technologies in Bushehr all contracts performed Russian companies, like…. If known reactor set Rosatom, then how sideways here ?! Why Ukraine Ukrainian technologies it all the more that the technology we still Russian, or rather Soviet we have no new reactors are Russians launched a new modern reactor -.?.. in the suburbs the most. that we can - it is to borrow from your technology and build yourself one or two blocks, “- said Marunych.

“Opportunities for Ukrainian companies to compete in Iran with Rosatom zero! What can we offer? Does that work for hire for individual professionals out there who are already working. They can only compete in the salary. I’m not sure, but I assume that their work it is valued less well known that in the Ukrainian nuclear sector, to put it mildly, a crisis, so many experienced employees leave the country and work abroad, I have been in Iran and there communicated with nuclear scientists from Zaporozhye They all worked in the Russian companies “… - said the expert.

“Ukraine does not have a full-cycle reactors does not build, only serves. I as a citizen, of course, would like that Ukraine has nuclear power, but in fact Ukraine is lack of independence in this area. We have only mined uranium ore, which still goes in Russia, enriched, and as a result we do buy from you TVEL, ie nuclear fuel “, - concluded Marunych.

10 March 2016

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