Gift to Putin’s Russia “to finish” their 1,200 km-range missiles

Statement by Russian missile strike on Syrian territory from the Caspian Sea lies revealed the Kremlin’s missile range “Caliber-NK”, which the Russians urgently increased 5 times.

Even in 2012, the Defense Ministry announced the possibility of a rocket hit a target at a distance of 300 km. But, to the birthday of Putin, the same missiles “able” to fly more than 1,500 kilometers.

And for the “authenticity”, the Russians began to intensively edit an article in Wikipedia.

According to official statements by the Russian Defense Ministry, today from the Caspian Sea through the territory of Syria, was hit 26 missiles “Caliber-NK”. Missile range, according to the statements of Moscow, is more than 1,500 kilometers.

“Tonight naval strike group (IBM) of the Navy of Russia in the missile ship” Dagestan “of small missile ships” Sviyazhsk “,” Uglich “,” Veliky Ustyug, “struck by cruise missiles from the designated area of ​​the Caspian Sea on infrastructure LIH in Syria, “- says the official report of the Defense Ministry.

But a few years ago, taking the ship “Dagestan” in the system, the Ministry of Defense has reported that the range missile launch “Caliber-NK” is 300 kilometers.

“This is the first ship of the Russian Navy, armed with a versatile missile system” Caliber-NK “, able to use several types of high-precision missiles both at surface and at shore targets at ranges of up to 300 km,” - said in an official statement to the press service of the Southern Military District Russian Federation. The material available on this page as well as in the cached version of Google, in the event that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation will decide “urgently” to correct his mistake.

In addition, information about military options complex “Caliber-NK” cruise missile and the 3M-14E has caused a war of edits on Wikipedia. In just a few hours after the news of the missile strike, the article in the encyclopedia ruled more than 50 times.

Recall that the “Observer” followed the bombing Russia in Syria, having learned from the military experts and representatives of the Defense Ministry details of the operation.

8 October 2015

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