The anniversary of the tragedy: Odessa remembers the victims of the fire in the House of Trade Unions

In Odessa mourning. The victims of the massacre one year ago were 48 people. More than 200 hundred injured. Funeral will take action today, not only in Odessa, but also in Donetsk, as well as Moscow and other Russian cities.

Investigation of the case has not yet been completed, although it was found that the defeat of the tent camp and battle on the Kulikovo field were organized and deliberately planned. However, in early April, representatives of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office said that the fire originated in the House of Trade Unions accident. According to Deputy Prosecutor General, killed themselves set fire to the building. No traces of torture, abuse, beatings and other violent injuries sudmedeskperty “not revealed”.

No representative of the right-wing associations provoked massacre, has been held liable. The investigation is conducted only in relation to defending themselves supporters of federalization. A week ago, the district court in Odessa returned an indictment of the Prosecutor General “due to the absence of actual evidence of their guilt.”

2 May 2015

“Right Sector” took the truck c newspapers
In Kiev, with automatic weapons shot the police patrol

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