In Kiev admitted: Ukraine is losing the war in Donbas, and Poroshenko lying

Ukraine is losing the war in Donbas, and Peter Poroshenko is desperately trying to hide the true state of affairs.

About this on his page on Facebook wrote the famous Ukrainian volunteer, helps participants ATO, the founder of the communityArmy SOS” Yury Kasyanov.

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“Be Sure to Share. We are losing the war. A series of defeats at the front, interspersed with so-called” peace agreement “demonstrates the political impotence of power and complete incompetent military command.

Count. Dogovornyak with access Girkin Slavic, the defeat of our group in the border sector “D”, brandishing a departure from the airport Lugansk, loss Novoazovsk, 32 th and 31 th checkpoints, defeated in DAPe, Debaltseve … is not a complete list of our failures. List of victory lies - even more: we made lesions called victories; and for all the failures blamed the Kremlin. If you can not cancel the retreat, it is necessary to lead - to declare “the planned departure” followed by ceremony and a souvenir photo. And the insidious wiles of Putin’s always possible to write off personal cowardice and incompetence.

Loss underestimated more and more. Technology is not enough, at the end of the shells; military aid from the glorious Western democracies is not expected. Full looming military catastrophe, the loss is even more territory, economic collapse and the collapse of public administration “- says Kasyanov.

In his opinion, the main reason for defeat of Ukraine - “cowardly our leaders shortsighted and incompetent commanders, our new / old Parliament, unable to take responsibility for the country; mad corruption, which has become part of our lives, our world serfs waiting for favors from good lord. ”

“Northern neighbor wants Ukraine. Putin wants to restore the Soviet Union. Most of the population of Russia wants to do the same. Chauvinism has reached unprecedented heights, war hysteria is growing; civilians prosperous Russian cities are ready to kill us. Putin is able to go to direct aggression. West and the US does not will fight for us. In the war of nerves with the entire civilized world the Kremlin won a landslide victory: Ukraine gave Putin, once Czechoslovakia to Hitler.

We are losing. We are, in fact, some of them - one on one with a cruel enemy. But we want to win. What to do? - Fighting in the rear and fight in the war. Not satisfied with the riots, but tough to change the system. Change themselves. Build a new army. Push forward talented combatant commanders. Develop the military-industrial complex.

25 February 2015

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