Rooms on the Internet

On May 11, 2011 Kyiv residents can apply for a new car over the Internet, but for those who removes or puts on a record of machines, all things continue as before.

This innovation will allow car owners to save time on getting the numbers, because MREO will be based on an already prepared statement that the owner of the machine should be pre-dispatch e-mail. The next day, the driver must appear in MREO to provide auto expert to inspect and pay for all services. The form of the document can be found and downloaded at the website: http:// udai. kiev. ua

3 January 2012

Protecting Tymoshenko intends to complain about the torture of prisoners
What is the seating position is correct?

• Polina Griffith got in a terrible accident »»»
Polina Griffith got into a horrible crash of 5 cars.
• In Vilna fined Ferrari with Belarusian rooms (photo) »»»
This happened on July 27 in the center of the Lithuanian capital, according to the portal Euroradio.
• U.S. Department of State explained how to go on Ukrainian roads »»»
The site appears the U.S. State Department grant for the Americans who are going to travel by car in Ukraine.
• Inspection may be canceled »»»
State Committee for Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship jointly with the SAI creates a working group to examine the possibility of lifting the technical inspection for cars.
• GAI Odessa revenged the driver to shoot traffic cop, who called the Ukrainian language "calf tungsten" »»»
Activist snyavshego video cops and veal tongue, “put on five days.