Yanukovich began to hunt terrorists

A gang of terrorists planning to blow up the path of the motorcade Viktor Yanukovych car bomb, the newspaper “Today” with reference to a source close to the secret services of the country.

According to this person, this information - is serious enough, and not a simple phone call. Currently, investigators are trying to find suspected terrorists and detain them.

A day earlier publication “Ukrainian Pravda published an interview with the head of the SBU, Valery Khoroshkovsky, in which he told me that life head of state faces a real risk, but what exactly it is, he did not say, citing the secrecy of the investigation.

Earlier, Ukrainian media reported that the motorcade Yanukovich now and then change the route from his suburban residence in Kiev and back. It was said unofficially that it is done for security reasons.

In addition, we know that until recently in the motorcade entered ambulance, which, however, there was removed after it fell into the fatal accidents.

17 June 2010

Vice-Mayor of Odessa, the gunman in the journalists bit the myocardial
Interior Minister of Ukraine believes that his office has thoroughly permeated by corruption

• Russian counterintelligence return to Sevastopol. (FSB officials of Russia and Ukraine renew former co) »»»
Special forces of Russia and Ukraine, following the example of the two presidents are going to “restart” the relationship with each other, had deteriorated under the previous Ukrainian government.
• American lawyers began checking the Tymoshenko government »»»
Law firm Trout Cacheris opened an investigation into the activities of the previous Ukrainian government.
• In Ukraine, authorities Makeyevka went to the conditions terrorists »»»
A few minutes ago on the premises of the Kirov Makeyevka City Council.
• SBU reported on the detention of another Russia spy »»»
Ukrainian Security Service detained a citizen of Russia and his Ukrainian accomplice of Sevastopol when trying to sell secret military equipment, said the agency “Ukrainian News”.
• The Security Service of Ukraine has completed a criminal investigation of plotting the assassination of Vladimir Putin »»»
The Ukrainian Security Service / SBU / completed the investigation of criminal cases against suspects in plotting the assassination of top officials of the Russian Federation.