Ukraine rejected the Russian plan to restructure $ 3 billion of debt

Ministry of Finance of Russia and Ukraine have agreed to restructure the debt of Kiev in the amount of $ 3 billion, said Finance Minister Anton Siluanov after a meeting with Ukrainian counterpart Natalia Yaresko at the meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in Lima.

The Ukrainian side at the end of the meeting announced that Yaresko “provided detailed information on the agreement with the special committee of creditors on debt restructuring, and encouraged Russia to take part in this agreement.”

The head of the Russian Ministry of Finance explained that the proposed conditions for Ukraine Russia is unacceptable.

Anton Siluanov, Finance Minister: “We expressed a position on the need to repay the debt of the Russian Federation. Colleagues from the Ministry of Finance said that they had no such money in the budget, and invited us to participate in the restructuring, together with commercial lenders. What is Russia’s position was reversed We are not a commercial lender, we are sovereign, so for us, such conditions are unacceptable. ”

Siluanov added that the sides agreed to continue the dialogue.

Under the agreement of 2013, Ukraine must repay the loan of 3 billion dollars in December.

10 October 2015

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