The blonde from Kiev visited the Crimea: That we zombified, and they are well in Russia (Ukrainian Blogersha shared candid story of what he saw in the Crimea)

While on the border of Ukraine and Crimea unfolding saga food blockade of the peninsula, in social networks appeared unexpected revelation. He makes it a resident of Kiev Alice Hasek, the entire Facebook page which is full of enthusiasm about the stop “Ukrainian patriots” of hundreds of vans with food on the approaches to the Crimea.

For example:

“Just call my …

At this moment on the points go to the Crimea has “stuck” more than 317 heavy-duty trucks, weighing over 5,000 tons of food and other goods! Mostly begin to “fly into a rage.”

Glory to Ukraine!”

And so forth, so on …

Like an ordinary blog typical Maidan Ukrainian activists. Nothing special. The worse the Crimea to inhabit his “traitors of Ukraine”, the better. To regretted his choice. Changed his mind. We returned to confess.

Suddenly, among the heap of such records surprise outspoken:

“Had for travel to the Crimea. Heavy impression even explain I can not. I’ll tell you one thing. It’s not the population of Crimea zombie, it is we, Ukrainians, zombified. That we somehow persuaded that Crimeans bad live without Ukraine. But it absolutely not true. In Crimea, two cult - the cult and the cult Russian disregard for Ukraine and Ukrainians.

Everywhere flags of Russia, large and small, in the shops some stickers “thank his grandfather for the victory,” a lot of flags DNI \ LC are also a lot of the Crimean people fighting on the side of the DNI \ LC, and they do not hide their involvement in the war against Ukraine …

Many cars with Ukrainian numbers, and St. George’s ribbon, St. George ribbon is present everywhere at all and everything.

Holidaymakers are quite a few and from continental Ukraine, too …

Prices …

Prices of the most common, the Crimean … 20-50 hryvnia more expensive than on the mainland Ukraine, almost all the goods of Ukrainian origin, sometimes meets Russian goods, but not more than in Ukraine …

Whether will return Crimea to Ukraine?

The area is possible.

Population - ever.

That’s the truth ”

At the same time, “Russia”, “DNR” and “LC” writes Ukrainian Blogersha significant with a small letter. That no one doubts crept in - not recruited by it. She just saw in the Crimea that is not shown on Ukrainian television, the fact that Kiev is the most terrible taboo. How is that - without Ukraine Crimeans well? Is it possible to be happy in Russia? It can not be because it does not happen!

It turned out be.

It was found indeed.

With Alice’s personal page on Hasek reader looking young pretty blonde on the background of the slogan “I pray for you, Ukraine”. And then, after the revelations about his trip to the Crimea, again enthusiasm for his blockade.

Alice would like to wish happiness and Ukraine and all Ukrainians - prosperity. And stop being a zombie.

22 September 2015

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