Ukraine will work on trade Putin (going to sell on the Russian market of 20 million souvenir coins “The Russian president - Vladimir Putin)

A trial batch edition of one thousand copies were minted in 2005-2006. and sold for $ 500 apiece.

Initiator of the project - the Public Council of Ukraine. Its chairman Valentin Khaletskaya presented yesterday at the Public Chamber of Russia collection of Ukrainian souvenir coins.

The first coin appeared in 2002 - before the souvenir coins in Ukraine was not, there were only commemorative. Over the past eight years, the initiative group headed by Khaletskaya at Lugansk cartridge plant printed on the souvenir coins all Ukrainian presidents, and at the same time Yulia Tymoshenko. However, home-grown politicians for some reason did not cause customer excitement - President Viktor Yushchenko, even at the peak of his career did not cost the market more than $ 50 and for Yulia Tymoshenko and the $ 10 one did not want to give.

Then Chalecki decided to release the coin “The Russian president - Vladimir Putin.” It was in the midst of a “gas conflict”. “Interesting to get coins. Because of her lost their jobs Emergencies Minister David Zhvania (he was the owner of Lugansk cartridge plant), and the Governor of the Lugansk region Gennady Moskal,” - says Chalecki.

The commercial success of the coin was amazing - it instantly snapped up Ukrainian officials on we launched and gifts “to their Russian colleagues. As a result, the hryvnia with President Putin today afternoon with fire you will not find. It is available only in Ukrainian collector for $ 300-500, and this despite the fact that the cost of production of the same coin of 50 cents.

However, Valentin Khaletskaya and the action team mates are not going to limit Ukrainian numismatists. The popularity of “Putin’s coins” has prompted them to suggest to go to the Russian market. Especially since this is the right time: “A spoon for dinner, that is, the elections - said Valentin. - Our marketing experts have estimated that the market capacity for coins with Putin in Russia alone is 20 million copies.”

In the U.S., where, after Russia, plans to move to the Ukrainians, to buy coins with Obama’s dream …

25 January 2011

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