In Zaporozhye half an hour before the New Year blew a monument to Stalin

Yesterday, December 31, around 23:30 unknown blew up a monument to Stalin in Zaporozhye in the building of Regional Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine

In the management of police in the Zaporozhye region reported that the monument has suffered, and in part - the building itself Regional Committee of the Communist Party. As reported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it took off the glass and cladding.

Victims and victims. In this case, the police have not yet comment on exactly how the monument was blown up.

At 11:00 Zaporizhia communists are going at a press conference to comment on the incident.

Recall, 28 December a Stalin monument in Kiev beheaded. Responsibility for his acts committed itself is one of nationalist organizations.

1 January 2011

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• Ukrainian Communists intend to establish a monument to Stalin in Zaporozhye »»»
Monument to Joseph Stalin will be installed in the Ukrainian city of Zaporozhye before May 9.
• Law enforcers were identikit of a man who bombed the Stalin monument in Kiev - turned humanoid:) »»»
Law enforcers were identikit of a man who is suspected
• Administration for the pogrom in Cherkassy region have detained 58 people »»»
In connection with the assault administration Cherkassy region detained 58 people.
• MP in Zaporozhye opened fire to defend themselves against "junk lustration" »»»
In the Zaporozhye region Energodar local deputy opened fire with a shotgun near the building of the city council.
• The Communists put up a monument to Stalin and in Odessa, to restore the "cult of personality" »»»
“We want to Odessa, in the best sense of the word.