In Ukraine, the Registry Office was opened for animals

In Kiev, the first opened Registry Office for the animals. Now, cats, dogs and parrots, Lovebird may officially be married, and even a marriage contract. Following the ceremony, the spouses’ marriage certificate issued now. What is the name assigned to each of the spouses, the organizers do not mention.

9 August 2010

In the Donetsk region guy got 10 days for drinking beer
Because of the heat village in Odessa region was flooded with wine

• To Euro-2012 in the Ukrainian city burned alive homeless animals »»»
The whole world is collecting signatures for a Ukrainian cities to stop abuse of animals.
• 14 cats and 6 dogs »»»
That’s how much the animals tried to bring into the country, returning from Ukraine Turk named SK news agency reported, “Dogan”.
• The Ukrainian army raccoons teach Sapper case »»»
The demining of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, stationed in Kharkov, plans to teach explosives raccoons.
• In Ukraine, gathered to register and insure all domestic cats »»»
That such a bill has been registered in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.
• Lukashenka to get rid of domestic cats and dogs. Crisis? »»»
“A lot of purebred animals in the street. I had to throw out and shepherd the people were tied and thrown into the street.