DJM-2000 - innovative sensational mixer already in Ukraine


In March 2010 began a new era of digital art in djing, and a new generation of DJ-mixer can not keep pace with the CDJ-revolution: a new mixer DJM-2000 fully meets the new standards. Pioneer has announced the most technologically mixer in the line DJM - DJM-2000 and is now available and the Ukraine. Mixer DJM-2000 in conjunction with the CDJ-2000 offers a completely new platform, which gives a unique opportunity in the art of DJing.

The new model DJM-2000 is the most powerful performer mixer at the moment. He Ideal fit the new items CDJ (2000 and 900). With the new multi-sensory touch screen and a large number of different special effects, DJM-2000 is the most current version of the club mixer in the world.

More than six individual effect processors provide the opportunity to combine music so that the DJ could always build your own unique sound, which can always be distinguished from the others. DJM-2000 offers us a more advanced functionality, which until then was only available with the software. Its intuitive design is easily perceived by users Pioneer DJM and does not interfere with their creativity.

1 June 2010

Deputy Minister of Environment detained while receiving a bribe of 200 thousand dollars
In Ukraine, found reserves of methane, which will last for 1,5 thousand years

• Number of Internet users in Ukraine reached 7,77 million »»»
The number of unique users of the Internet in Ukraine in February 2008 amounted to 7.
• Victory Parade in Moscow became the most popular among Ukrainians request »»»
Victory Parade in Moscow - May 9 this request was the most popular with members of the Ukrainian segment of the Internet version of the service on Google Trends.
• "My venture" - What to do now? »»»
In February of this year’s planned appearance in RuNet a unique new Internet project “My undertaking” that could become a new step of development of social networks.
• Lawyer of Ukraine offered a hundred thousand euros for the biblical text about the sanctity of Sundays »»»
A unique opportunity provided by the priests, not only to reaffirm the legitimacy of Sunday’s celebration.
• In Ukraine, authorities Makeyevka went to the conditions terrorists »»»
A few minutes ago on the premises of the Kirov Makeyevka City Council.