Tymoshenko has put forward an ultimatum to Poroshenko

“Self-help” at a meeting of the faction would consider leaving the coalition. This was stated by deputy Yegor Sobolev. According to Ukrainian media, the maximum acceleration of the collapse of the interested Yulia Tymoshenko.

The ruling coalition in the Verkhovna Rada is under threat of collapse. Deputies of the faction “self-help” Yegor Sobolev, supported by a group of parliamentarians intend to raise the issue of the transition to the opposition factions, reports Ukrainian News edition.

“We need to do a real opposition, which will point to abuse,” - said Sobolev, adding that his opinion is shared by a number of MPs - Simon Semenchenko Paul Kostenko Roman Semenuha and others.

This faction “Fatherland” and “self-help” is set to withdraw from the coalition for various reasons: the first is set for long-term results and, more likely, is ready to play the role of the internal opposition in a coalition. A faction of the Yulia Tymoshenko is interested in the maximum acceleration of decay, dissolution of parliament and early elections in the spring.

In addition, at a meeting with the president of the leader of “Fatherland” put forward the condition that its strength will not take part in the general voting until efficient voting for the proposed “Fatherland” bills - reducing gas rents, extension of the moratorium on the purchase of agricultural land, the abolition of 10% duty and the tax on pensions.

Political analysts say that in case of a coalition of “self-help” in the majority of 242 deputies still persists and only possible way out would provoke the collapse of Tymoshenko’s faction of the coalition. In the coming days, members of the association will try to get the portfolios in the new composition of the Ukrainian government.

5 November 2015

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