Ukrainian authorities imposed sanctions, but so far they do not know how to implement the Decree

Russian airlines have fallen under the new sanctions Ukraine, yesterday continued to fly into and over it on regular schedule. In its expectations regarding the mechanism of input and the actual content of the sanctions, market participants differ, some say a total ban on flights, while others - only the restrictions on transit. The Ukrainian authorities themselves do not yet know what exactly expressed the realization of a decree signed by President Petro Poroshenko September 16.

In a new set of sanctions against Russian Ukrainian imposed by President Petro Poroshenko, included 25 Russian airlines. Among them, almost all the market leaders (except “UTair”), as well as three of the carrier devoid of certificates. The decree on sanctions explains that on the territory of Ukraine shall be introduced “limitation, partial or complete cessation of transit resources, safety and transportation.” A source close to the Ukrainian government, told “Kommersant” that the sanctions were those who flew to the Crimea, and “UTair” “this is not seen.” But it is also the only one in the Russian Federation, which has subsidiary carrier in Ukraine.

What exactly are expressed limitations unclear yesterday in “UkSATSE” (air traffic services) told Tass that do not know how will carry out sanctions issues should be resolved at a meeting in the office. But the president of the Association of Air Transport Operators (AEVT) Vladimir Tasun believes that, based on the wording, it is a limit on transit flights over Ukraine. Russian companies now use its airspace for flights to Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Egypt. According AEVT, under these restrictions will increase the flight time of 30-40 minutes, the cost of kerosene “Aeroflot” and “Transaero” - up to 1.5 thousand. Tons a week, spending 35 major companies of Russia - 500 million rubles. per month.

State Aviation Service of Ukraine should determine when to stop the carriage, said the source “b”, but “this is a difficult step, you can not hurry.” He explained that, “in addition to the issue tickets purchased, there is the question of jobs, and in the airports themselves.” Also, if airlines go, you will fall and profits “UkSATSE.” Flights could perform Ukrainian companies that can benefit from the “Ukraine International Airlines’ (UIA). But, according to a source “b”, Kyiv understands that “Russia will take in response to symmetric or asymmetric measures that are not profitable Ukrainian carriers.”

Now regular flights to Kiev, Lviv and Odessa operate from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Surgut “Aeroflot” and its subsidiary JSC “Russian”, “Transaero”, “Siberia” (S7) and “UTair” UIA “Dniproavia”, “Motor Sich “allowed more flights from Zaporozhye and Dnepropetrovsk. Official notification of cancellation of flights not, say the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. In Kiev Boryspil airport “Kommersant” said that the cancellation of flights of Russian airlines are planned. Vnukovo (156 flights to Ukraine a year) “Kommersant” noted that “it is difficult to discuss the decision, after which may be infringed upon the rights of the passengers.” At Domodedovo say that in Kiev fly on schedule.

18 September 2015

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