Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry sent a protest to the Russian Federation because of the involvement of Russians in the fighting in the Donbas

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry sent a protest to Russia on Tuesday because of the alleged involvement of the Russian military in combat operations in the south-east of Ukraine. This was announced at a press briefing, Ambassador at Large of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Dmitry Kuleba.

“The address of the Russian Foreign Ministry has sent a formal note of protest, because the detention of two soldiers Yerofeyev and Alexandrov is a clear proof of the violations of international law that occur on the part of the Russian Federation”, - he said.

On Monday, the Defense Ministry issued a statement in which he expressed hope for “the liberation of ex-servicemen, detained SBU.”

“We are informed about today hosted a joint show of the General Staff of Ukraine and the SBU, dedicated to detain alleged in the Luhansk region two Russian soldiers. Captured SBU in the Luhansk region citizens of Russia Alexander Alexandrov and Yevgeni Yerofeyev at the time of his arrest on May 17 were not active military personnel of the Armed Forces” - said the agency spokesman, Major-General Igor Konashenkov.

At a briefing display weapons seized from the detainees:

“We checked the information of the Ukrainian side: these guys did previously served in one of the compounds of the Armed Forces and have military training. Moreover, I can confirm that we were approached by the leadership of the Association of veterans of special forces with the request to go through official channels to the General Staff of Ukraine with to halt the abuse of their wounded comrades on the part of the SBU in the knockout favorable testimony “- said Konashenkov.

Documents detainees:

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