New Wordpress plugin feedback

Its main task is to unobtrusively get you the right message at a time when you are finished reading an article on the site.
In the archive you will find a video tutorial on installing and configuring the plug-in. It also includes the plugin and program and the selection of colors.

Such useful plug-ins can be seen today in many business blogs.
These useful plugins for wordpress are convenient because you can window appears his beautiful and stylish draw, make it big or small, customized to any color and flavor.

And they do not irritate, that can not be said about ordinary annoying POP-under, pop Anov.

So I recommend to see and if so, what place.

24 November 2011

Southern Santa Claus
Address of permanent income

• Web Design Trends in 2011-2012 »»»
There is a fine line between design and development project, and the last decade shows that this face is blurred.
• Tyrsa instead of sausage »»»
What will you do if the store instead of sausage you will be offered a piece of Stipa?
• Ukrainian customs are going to do e "to eliminate the influence of human factor »»»
In Ukraine, the planned introduction of electronic customs, enabling many business entities to carry out customs procedures, without going outside his office.
• Yalta children handed out stationery with the recommendations in the future become a people's deputy »»»
Representatives of business structures, controlled by one of the deputies from the Party of Regions.
• The new tax code or the death of small and medium business »»»
Today, Ukrainian entrepreneurs strike. Under the Verkhovna Rada had gathered