Solar airship

Airship HALE-D, which in future will replace several types of satellites (the military, telecommunications). Now, some countries use the freight, passenger airships and this proves that blimps are not faded with time and not become a relic. Airship HALE-D, was developed by the airline Lockheed Martin, the average altitude of about 20 kilometers in diameter about one review a thousand kilometers. This will allow control of this area, both on earth and in heaven.

30 July 2011

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In Belarus, a master of one of the offices held training ritual burial

• People's Deputy of Ukraine offered to penalize citizens for air conditioners and antennas »»»
The Verkhovna Rada registered a draft law, which provides for increased penalties for violation of rules for use of buildings and living quarters.
• At the high-speed train from Moscow to Kiev, Moscow and Kiev and Moscow-Adler will deliver the Russian electric VC-20 »»»
RZD and Ukrainian railway company “uz” agreed to develop a high-speed passenger service between the countries.
• The map shows the Russian-controlled territory »»»
If directly Crimea became a territory of the Russian Federation.
• Cancelled attack aircraft (two aircraft Ukrainian Air Force tried to approach Donetsk) »»»
According to reports, the two aircraft Ukrainian Air Force tried to get closer to Donetsk.
• The Russian-Ukrainian aircraft An-158 received a certificate of IAC »»»
KIEV, February 28 - RIA Novosti. Passenger aircraft An-158 completed the certification, which allows these liners as standard.