How much mitinguete? In Ukraine, estimate how much mass demonstration

Trying to make President’s wife a public figure turned out to be a carefully planned provocation of journalism. In this way, one of television reporters tried to find out how much it costs to organize a protest rally under the walls of the presidential administration.

The news that his wife Lyudmila Yanukovych was elected head of a certain all-Ukrainian Assembly “for older women”, during the last week fired the Ukrainian community. Firstly, everyone in Ukraine is well known that Lyudmila Yanukovych - the man non-public and in front of cameras comes very rarely. Second, none of the journalists could not find speakers newly-minted “Assembly”. But as evidence of their activity “Assembly” held a two-hour rally near the presidential administration and government.

About three dozen retired stretched a banner demanding the president to show his wife Yanukovych people. “Ludmilla - tea with Obama! Ludmilla - tea with Bruni!” - Chanted, in particular, manifestantki. However, personally against President pensioner had nothing, and even chanted: “Victor, be eternal!”.

This mysterious story quickly came to naught: the presidential administration of defiance - a few rallies taking place in Ukraine? Soon, however, journalists uncovered background. It turned out that the “demonstration” was organized and paid for one of the channels.

Journalists have found people who are for the money ready at the appointed hour to bring to the streets for more than 10 thousand people. To organize such a massive rally, they can over three days. People working on a grand scale, the so-called tysjachnikov, according to journalists in Kiev is not more than five. “Sotnikov,” located in “Thousanders” in submission, much more. These “puppeteers” has its own database of potential protesters of all ages and social status, ready to go out on a call.

Journalists honestly admitted that the organization of thousands of shares they had no money, so they agreed with the “puppet masters” of a small local rally. Filed a formal request to the City Hall, got permission, and at the appointed hour at the presidential administration lined up 30 retired, completely residents of neighboring houses.

During the two-hour rally, journalists paid recruiters 2,5 thousand hryvnia - about $ 300. In this case, each participant receives an average of 30 hryvnia per hour. Pretty easy to calculate that the “fat” the organizers was about 800 hryvnia - about $ 100. Accordingly Income Thousanders “two orders of magnitude greater. That’s all math. Since Ukrainian TV crew proved possible in principle to organize in Kiev for the money under any rally, even apparently delusional slogans.

8 February 2011

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