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The world is rapidly changing. Events are one by one, faster and denser. Even those who had not thought about the current news, come to feel that there is something unusual.

6 February 2011

Birds of Chernobyl - a small amount of brain
In Odessa unknown concreted entrance to the nightclub

• Ukrainians have created a singing condom »»»
Musical contraceptive feature a sensor that transmits a signal to a device that reproduces the music - when changing postures changing the melody and volume.
• Sergei Kurginian, political analyst: "Ukraine 2020: Empire or decay" »»»
Ukraine - is the problem of the existence of several worlds.
• Russia and Ukraine "tepleyut" twice as fast as the rest of the world »»»
In an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine, “said the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences.
• Diary of a resident war-torn Donetsk (I go out for a smoke on the balcony, looking at the pack. Written: "Smoking kills!" Funny ...) »»»
When the war (most of the rest in the city
• Klitschko Valuev called chicken »»»
Ukrainian heavyweight boxer Vitali Klitschko called Russia’s Nikolay Valuev “chicken”.