Battle at the festival near Kiev: Participants were beaten bits

In Ukraine, the strangers with bats attacked the participants of the musical festival “Gaydamak, who is close to Kiev.

According to local media, people with batons entered the festival, approached the registration desk and started beating everyone. Outnumbered guards failed to provide adequate resistance, and the police generally made by witnesses.

Ambush Battle, unknown got out of the crowd and fled in an unknown direction.

A similar incident occurred Aug. 29 in Russia. At a music festival “Tornado” in Miass group with batons and iron bars attacked a concert audience. Several dozen people were injured then, and the leaders of the local police up to the event was dismissed as ineffective subordinates.

However, if Russia believes that the events in Miass were criminal in nature (the alleged massacre “ordered” the master of the local kebab house), then in the Ukraine is suspected that the massacre near Kiev, was political in nature. The fact that “Gaydamak” - a holiday not only national but also a nationalist songs, and the festival is accompanied by lectures on the topic of Ukraine’s struggle for independence from Russia. Some politicians argued for a ban on the festival or check for inciting ethnic hatred.

27 September 2010

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