Aleksievich Ukrainians accused of involvement in the Holocaust (Nobel laureate from Belarus distinguished loud statement about Ukrainians)

Belarusian writer and Nobel Literature Prize Svetlana Aleksievich Ukrainians accused of involvement in the Holocaust.

This Aleksievich said on June 6 in Brooklyn, with her video performances posted on YouTube.

“I’ll tell you more. In the same example, punishers, who worked in the territory of Belarus, they were all from the Ukraine. And more than that, not only in Lithuania, where, Latvia killed themselves destroyed the Jews even before the time to come But it was the Germans in Ukraine “, -. the writer said.

“And you know what to do with the Jews of Poland (…) There are different times, and today people living in Latvia, are they responsible for what their parents did in the highest sense -.? Are in the highest sense, bear! ! But I know one of my friends wrote to journalists in Poland that the Poles did with the Jews Poles worst treated the Jews and the priests directly sermon uttered:..! “Kill the Jew” - added the Nobel laureate.

As reported, “Apostrophe”, previously Aleksievich Svetlana told how Russian President Vladimir Putin gave Russia’s “revenge” of communism

4 July 2016

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