OpEdNews: From Ukraine begins sunset era of American dominance

Ukrainian crisis - a turning point in the geopolitical balance of the military, said independent commentator Michael Payne. Ukraine go down in history as a country where America, presumably the only superpower in the world, met an equal opponent - Russia, he writes in the portal OpEdNews.
Despite the introduction of sanctions against it, Russia is still a powerful military force and the world’s largest nuclear power. US same over the years have tried to help the Alliance to encircle Russia, attracting to its ranks former republics of the Soviet Union. When it came to Ukraine and the United States tried to impose their will on the country, including - in the war against the population in eastern Ukraine, the Russian president, “drew a line in the sand.”
Putin has not started the war and tried to overthrow the government of the countries - members of the alliance, says Payne. He just said unequivocally that he would never allow the US to take Ukraine under its control and turn it into NATO. If President Obama brought his plan before the end of Kiev and sent weapons worth billions of dollars, the author has no doubt that Vladimir Putin immediately introduced to the troops in the Ukraine. Obama had to hand over the position, as he realizes that Putin is serious.
European states are not ready to challenge Russia, and they are discouraged by the US strategy of encircling Russia. Europe does not wish to get involved in a war with Russia and to help the US get the Ukraine, although it is not trumpeting about it, says Payne. Began a slow process of disintegration of the trans-Atlantic military alliance, instead of which the EU creates its own security forces. If this process continues, as many experts suggest, that without the support of the European members of the alliance will lose its value.
Then the whole of Europe and Eurasia even become much more peaceful region, where most countries will maintain strong trade relations with Russia and China. Threat of war, according to the author, as a whole disappears. Gradually, even the most ardent supporters of the tough US foreign policy will have to admit that Washington can not control any country that he wants.
American dominance days are numbered, says Payne. Where in the world will be less unnecessary wars, it will go to the American people only benefit. As any historian, he notes, all empires are in decline, and it is better if the decline of America will happen on the script of the British Empire.
How would any event evolved further, one can say with certainty, says Michael Payne: American politicians like it or not, the US is no longer able to impose its will uncontrollably Europe and Eurasia.

10 April 2015

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