Rospatent refused to register a brand of vodka, “Volodya and bears, for political reasons

Board Chamber of Patent Disputes Feb. 15 rejected a complaint with the Moscow Region Ltd “royalties” on Rospatent refusal to register the trademark “Volodya and bears” the 32-mu (beer, soft drinks) and 33 th (alcoholic beverages) classes should be of materials Chamber . “Royalties” has applied for registration in December 2009, and almost a year later, in October 2010, Rospatent applicant refused, arguing that “registration of the claimed designation as a trademark is detrimental to the image and interests of the state, as well as contrary to the public interests.

Representatives of “royalties” in its objection argued that the “fantasy verbal harping on one of the most popular name in Russia,” Vladimir “and the characters of Russian fairy tales - the bears (see” Masha and bears “,” Three Bears “)” can not cause any or detriment of society and state. The name “Vladimir” does not contain any indication of a specific individual, emphasized by the applicant.

However, the Chamber of Patent Disputes found these objections are unconvincing. By virtue of the fact that in 2000-2008. Russian President Vladimir Putin was, who now holds the post of prime minister and chairman of the party “United Russia”, and in 2008 became president, Dmitry Medvedev, the consumer can accept this phrase as harping on the name and the names of top officials and political party, United Russia , whose symbol is the bear, is written in the decision chamber. And the use is derived from the name, the names of persons who embody the country, “and the interpretation of the” symbol of a political party “on alcoholic beverages” is regarded as a dismissive attitude toward the authorities. ”

But it does not hurt, “Volodya, and bears” sold in Russia. Such a mark has been registered in Ukraine at a company affiliated with the group Vineksim, told Vedomosti that the vice president Vineksima “Marketing Stanislav Kaufman - he came up with marks” Volodya and Bears “and” Putinka. Back in 2007, just days after it became clear that Medvedev will succeed Putin as president, working with Vineksimom “Kaufman Production filed with Rospatent application for registration of the mark” Volodya and bears “on 32 th and 33 th classes. But this proposal was quickly withdrawn, as Kaufman Production has received a sublicense to distribute brands Soyuzplodimport - “Soviet” and “Moscow” on condition that he would not deal with other brands, “says Kaufman. “Volodya, and bears,” registered in Ukraine at the place of manufacture of the product, which is bottled at the factory Prime near Kharkov. Thereafter filed an application under the Madrid agreement on international registration of the mark in different countries, including Russia. Responses to this request from Rospatent not yet been reported.

Since last week, “Vladimir and Bears shipped to Russia in stores X5 Retail Group, says Kaufman. According to him, in retail vodka costs 170-180 rubles. for 0.5 liters.

Vodka entered the storehouses of the group, but the market yesterday it was not, …

15 March 2011

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