In the hands of the government of Ukraine will be all the personal data file

Consideration of the law, as a rule, begins with his first article. But questions arise here even earlier, with the title. The fact that the Law on Protection of Personal Data “provides only an abstract explanation of what he said.

8 February 2011

In Ukraine, the government wants to monopolize the export of relevant products selskogohozyaystvennoy
Yanukovych has come up as the army include the expense of others

• In Ukraine the forbidden to publish information about the shadow revenue officials, their cottages and vacation VIP »»»
Personal data in Ukraine received supernatural protection. Within six months.
• The more dangerous things out of second-hand? »»»
Many people buy things at second-hand, but few know where the clothes and how it can be dangerous.
• The Chernobyl nuclear power plant does not threaten Russia, believes Shoigu »»»
The Chernobyl nuclear power plant poses no threat to the inhabitants of Russia.
• Prosecutor General of Ukraine has demanded to hold re-examination Yushchenko's blood »»»
Prosecutor General of Ukraine V. Pshonka the TV channel “Inter”, said that his agency considers it necessary to re-examination of blood samples ex-president, Viktor Yushchenko.
• Purgin Kiev withdraw signature from the document on the line section in the Donbass »»»
Kiev without explanation withdrew its representative signed the document on the line separating Ukrainian militia and security forces.