Ukrainian journalist hoped the bad memory of the Crimean people “should take some time, need to cool emotions, Crimeans have to forget, as the mainland Ukraine cut off their electricity and water and gas”

As Sokolovsky believes, “must undergo some process we have to explain why they should love us, not them and that, in fact, the problem of Ukrainian educators..”, - The expert said.

At the same time Sokolovsky noted that Crimea return will take a long time. At the same time the Ukrainian authorities, according to her, before joining the peninsula to Russia did not do anything to achieve sympathies of its inhabitants. “We do not promote Ukrainian idea, the Ukrainian authorities did not finasirovali those already two Ukrainian-language newspapers that were published in the Crimea, and they did not have a chance to make expansion in the Crimean market. We let the situation take its course, and taking into account the ethnic composition of the Crimea, of course , viewed in the direction of Russia, it seemed to him that there is mountains of gold, “- she explained.

In late November 2015, activists of banned extremist organizations in Russia, “the Majlis of the Crimean Tatar people” and “Right sector” did not give maintenance crews to fix the damage to power lines in the Kherson region. Due to the undermining of structures Crimea was disrupted power supply to Ukraine. Later, the peninsula was conducted energy bridge with mainland Russia.

Before joining of Crimea to the Russian Federation the fresh water came to the island from the Dnieper through the North Crimean Canal. However, after returning to the peninsula to Russia in the spring of 2014 Ukraine has completely stopped the flow of water. Currently, the Crimean reservoirs filled by rain and melting snow. In addition, the peninsula used artesian wells, and in the direction of the North-Crimean canal directed water Bink-Karasu River.

Crimea reunited with Russia after conducted in March 2014 referendum in which the majority of people in the region have supported such a solution. Kiev refused to recognize the results of the plebiscite. Moscow insisted that the accession of the region in accordance with international law.

17 August 2016

OSCE observers confirmed the mortar shelling of the territory LNR Ukrainian military
Russia replaced the Ukrainian components for the Yak-130 engines

• Ukraine stopped the flow of water in Crimea »»»
Ukrainian authorities have blocked the flow of water in the North-Crimean channel in Crimea, claim in the country.
• Poroshenko on February 23 pledged every effort to protect the rights of Crimean »»»
President of Ukraine Poroshenko promised "all means" to protect the rights of people living in the Crimea, and declared that Ukraine will never give up its sovereign rights on the peninsula.
• Poroshenko said about the settlement of the Crimea inhabitants of Siberia »»»
Russian authorities decided to settle the Crimea came from Siberia, said the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.
• Ukraine offers Crimeans pension if they renounce Russian »»»
The Government of Ukraine has offered to residents of Crimea.
• Undermining the power lines brought to the emergency situation on the Ukrainian nuclear power plants »»»
First Deputy Director of "Ukrenergo" Yuri Kasich said that undermining