Kiev residents set the price of gas at $ 285 per thousand cubic meters at a cost of $ 210 in Russian - Zheynova

Ukrainian government in May sells gas to the population produced 30 percent more expensive in the country, than is Russia. This was stated by Chairman of the Committee on Budget, Finance and Economic Policy Marina Zheynova People’s Council (fraction “Donetsk Republic”).

“On the way to ride these prices for gas will be in the heating season, that jumps on maidan you seem flowers - she said in comments posted on the website of the Parliament -. Now thousands of Ukrainians need to look for ways to get around the insane gas prices How to tell ordinary citizens. they have to use methods ranging from simple magnets, which are mounted on the gas meters to stop them … This suggests that Ukraine will soon turn into one continuous magnetized organization. ”

Zheynova with the Board commented Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavel Rozenko, who said that the gas price will not be reduced, so the residents “need to look for a cheaper alternative.” “As an alternative, in the early 60s drowned dung So why is not work, this method in the countryside Mountain politician offers to the entire population go back to the stove, that is a step forward in the past.?” - Ironically said, MP.

price analysis, chaired by the National Assembly Committee found that PAO “Ukrgazvidobuvannya” in 2015 (produces gas in Ukraine) sold “Naftogaz Ukraine” gas at a price 1590 UAH. per thousand. cubic meters. m. Since May 1, for population price amounted to 6879 UAH., it is $ 285.

“It is not difficult to guess that the difference between the official rates for the population and the cost of production settled in” Naftogaz Ukraine “, - explained Zheynova.

The price of Russian gas, which refused to power - about 210 dollars.

“Well, as you can see, the conclusion suggests itself: even a change of government does not lead Ukraine to a brighter European future, for which, I remind you, so jumped on the Maidan, and put thousands of innocent souls I would like to wish our brothers … patience and endurance. . We will soon liberate our territory from these schizophrenics … will give you reasonable tariffs for heat, and all the cities, towns and streets of their native names “, - summed up the deputy of parliament DNI.

17 May 2016

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