Doctor: After 70 days of hunger strike Savchenko was supposed to be a mummy

March 5 located in the Moscow jail Hope Savchenko - former Ukrainian soldiers - partially stop the hunger strike. She followed the advice of doctors and agreed to take the chicken broth. Posts confirms its quarterback Mark Feigin.

“This measure - the beginning of a medical release from a hunger strike. Condition her heavy night would translate in the City Clinical Hospital №20. That’s why she agreed to the adoption of the broth,” - said Feigin. He noted that no other food body Savchenko not accept.

It is known that Savchenko allegedly refusing food since mid-December 2014 .: she is starving for more than 70 days. Dietician Kovalkov Alex believes that she could not go hungry so long: after 70 days Savchenko was to become a mummy with a weight of 40 kg. “70 days to starve physically impossible - the person loses muscle, kidney, heart, liver, it atrophies everything. The heart must be the size of a hen’s egg, so it was at the opening of all who died in Leningrad during the siege,” - said Kovalkov.

Limit by starvation for human equivalent of 20 days, 20-25 days are irreversible changes, back to life almost impossible.

6 March 2015

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