Among the Ukrainians more than those who do not consider Ukraine’s independence

44,7% of the Razumkov Center citizens do not consider Ukraine to be truly independent state, 43.2% hold the opposite point of view.

At the same time, if a referendum on the proclamation of state independence of Ukraine took place today in support of the favor of independence would be 59,1% of the respondents, which is one of the highest rates for the duration of such surveys, said in a press release of the Centre, of which has a press office.

Also, according to the survey, a relative majority of Ukrainians believes that their family is more lost than gained from the acquisition of Ukrainian independence (respectively 41,7% and 26,3%).

The majority of Ukrainians (57,2%) consider the Independence Day holiday (16,7% of respondents said that the Day PARTY for them - “valid only big holiday, 40,5% -” the usual feast, as well as other official holidays). 31.9% answered that for them it is “not a holiday, but a common day of rest”, 7,9% - that in general, “this day should be working …

21 August 2010

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The majority of Ukrainians (57%) support the police force. This is evidenced by UNIAN results of a survey conducted by pollster Razumkov Center.
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Answering the question: “Would you like to see Ukraine as an independent state in 20 years, only 48% of respondents answered positively.