OSCE observers confirmed the mortar shelling of the territory LNR Ukrainian military

In the last report of the Special OSCE observers monitoring mission carried out an analysis of craters after shelling in the village of Yellow Luhansk People’s Republic, and at the checkpoint in the village of Lugansk. The analysis suggests that the attacks took place from the territory controlled by the Ukrainian military.

In the village of Yellow 20 craters on the asphalt road and on the side of the road has been detected. OSCE observers have determined that the crater formed because of the exploding shells mortars caliber 82 mm, which were released from the north-west. This five shells 82mm caliber did not explode and get stuck in the asphalt. Villagers Lobacheva that is near the village Zhёtloe, told observers that the fire occurred on the eve of August 13 night.

funnel analysis at the bridge in the village of Lugansk on the side of the LC showed that the fire was out of recoilless gun SPG-9 from the north. The study of the second funnel in the village of Luhansk showed that it was caused by the rupture of mortar mines caliber 82 mm, which was released as a northerly direction. Not far from this place, OSCE observers have seen fragments of a grenade tail fin.

16 August 2016

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Several units of the Ukrainian army remained in the rear guard under Lugansk.
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Special monitoring mission of the OSCE in Ukraine (CMM) reports that the shell fragments that struck a bus Volnovaha in the Donbas exploded in 12-15 meters from the car, killing 12 people.
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On the territory of the Russian PPC "Novoshahtinsk" Ukrainian ammunition
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OSCE observers found no heavy weapons Ukrainian security officials at one of the declared withdrawal.
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Asson also said that both the public and the media often hastily called self-proclaimed supporters of Lugansk and Donetsk "people's republics" "separatists.