The attack on the Crimea: Washington risked - Kiev lost

The main question asked by observers of the Ukrainian crisis, lies in one word: “Why?”. That’s why they did it? The answer to this question is easy, if we take as a given that the decision to zabroske group of saboteurs in the Crimea was made not in Kiev, and the interests of Ukraine and the Kiev regime as a whole were not considered at all.

This provocation can easily see the fat fingerprints supporters of Hillary Clinton, who in large numbers are found in the American intelligence agencies and the diplomatic corps. They have a very recognizable voice. The goal is clear: to ensure that did not happen in 2014 - a full-fledged war, which will allow to realize one of the main goals of US policy - fully and finally cut Europe from Russia, transplanted the EU on the road American LPG and have how to hit the Russian economy due to the oil embargo and possible disconnection from SWIFT, turning Russia into a kind of Greater Iran.

No wonder I mentioned recognizable handwriting of our overseas opponents, who are now very well need a good real war in Europe. They have already made a similar attempt, using as a tool for the Turkish jet. Then it did not happen. But the Americans are known for their love of the favorite methods of use indefinitely, regardless of the outcome. In recent years, Putin completely outplayed the Americans in the Syrian and Turkish crisis, the Turkish history Erdogan transformation from enemy forced Russian ally is especially insulting to Americans. Their emotions are understandable. So they decided to strike where they had a better chance of success. But this time they have little work, and for this we have to thank our heroes from the security services and other law enforcement agencies.

The Russian authorities had three days to think about the situation and take a decision (You’ve noticed that this topic in the information field is active only emerged three days after the incident itself?). The incident could easily cover up and not stand on the audience, but the country’s leadership decided to do otherwise, and you can be absolutely sure that all the consequences of this step, as the following passages have been scaled back.

For example, Turkey is clear that Vladimir Putin - a true master of asymmetric and very effective pressure. It is clear that Ukraine will be pressure, but the pressure carefully and imaginatively. Yes, Ukraine - not Turkey, but in comparison with Turkey, Ukraine has only one advantage: we can not turn off their gas, as long as we need them to continue our pipe supplies to Europe, but Ukraine has disadvantages much more.

Let’s start with the fact that even now for Ukraine economic relations with Russia are more important than they have ever been to Turkey. Turkey is still largely focused on European and Asian markets, and still the Russian measures of economic impact have been very painful. Ukraine in a similar situation will be even more painful. Turkey’s economy in the order of magnitude more stable than Ukraine’s economy, which has long been plunged into crisis and out of it will not be able. So that points to the impact of pain on the Kiev regime is more than enough.

It is necessary to take into account another important thing, which is known to many, but almost no one says, one of the ways of punishment and pressure on Erdogan was support for Turkish Kurds, which has created a huge headache the Turkish authorities. If Erdogan made a sharp turn of the geopolitical, the situation could easily result in the emergence on the world map of an independent, albeit not recognized by the international community, Kurdistan. Some might say that there is no Kurds in Ukraine. Kurds, not really, but the LNR and DNR have. In freezing conditions, Norman format, which actually already said Putin, a sharp increase in the tacit support of LNR and DNR suggests itself and can lead to a rather sad consequences for the Kiev regime. At the site of the Ukrainian politicians, I would be very worried because of such possible developments. There is a suspicion that the Kiev regime would be beaten. Quietly, without fanfare and emotion, but effective. We have a reason to be jealous of Poroshenko Erdogan. In the Turkish leader had the opportunity to apologize and mend what he’s trying to do. And here Poroshenko this is not possible, but this is only his problems.

12 August 2016

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